Get to the next level.

As a savvy, six-figure-making entrepreneur, you’ve conquered mountains on your own.

But why stop there?

It’s time to tap into the ultimate secret weapon: a team that’ll amplify your strengths, lighten your load, and take your wealth to new heights!

Sippin’ Mai Tai’s with your newly pedicured toes in the sand…

Randomly taking a Friday off to play hooky with the kids…

Leisurely shopping at Trader Joes or Whole Foods without cringing at the receipt…

Sounds pretty damn good right?

Because that’s what you should be doing.
Not agonizing over jumbled books, inconsistent cash flows, and lousy systems that don’t work.
And the fact that you’re here today, right now, means that you know something isn’t working.
So, you’re at a crossroads:
You can either stay on the same path and hope that it’ll all work out (eventually…)
– OR –
You can decide to change direction, take charge, and create that reality that you’ve always wanted.
Full of joy, freedom, and profit.

We aren’t your typical ol’ bookkeeping service.

We go above and beyond.
Not only do your books become accurate AF but your mindset is transformed
so that you can logically expand your business + pay yourself MORE.

With some [loving] kicks to your caboose, you’re exposed to:


No. 01

Flawless Acounting

When your books are left alone without any maintenance, it’s like your kids being left unsupervised…

Pure chaos.

Whether it’s been a few months or a few years, we’re able to repair + square away your books so that your anxiety can stop doggin’ your mindset.

No. 02

Smart Advisory

We help you think big picture!

(Because sometimes it’s easy to get tunnel vision and be tripped up by the small sh*t.)

You can sleep better at night knowing that you’ll always be given the information you need to make smart decisions so that your business can wildly grow!

No. 03

Empowering Accountability

Our mission is to help you succeed + reach your goals, without any fear or excuses. And this is where the tough love comes in.

Because once you see the change and positive growth in your business (and yourself!), there’s nothing more empowering that’ll keep you moving forward.

“So I sign up and then what?”

Once you decide that it’s time to make some massive changes in order to expand your biz + profit the hell UP…
You’ll have a thorough, unfiltered review of your business – this is where we dive deeeeep. Soon all of the holes, cracks, and cries for help are uncovered. Then, depending on the plan your unique situation requires, you and your biz will start that path to a thriving recovery.
But these solutions aren’t for everyone – this journey is not for the faint-hearted.
These plans fit exclusively for someone that’s ready to see the ugly facts, hear the hard stuff, and put in the work. Someone that wants to be pushed to the next level in their biz so that they can have more time for who and what they love. To control their time and money, instead of the other way around.
Because once you wholeheartedly implement our solutions, you’ll see growth in your numbers and feel confident about where your business is headed.

Plus, you’ll love having all that extra moo-lah!

“By having these financial reports and projections, it has allowed me to make decisions about my business from a place of empowerment knowing that the numbers are there to back my decisions.”

“When I started my firm, I handled the bookkeeping myself. A couple years in, I hired a team member to handle it. I did not want to spend the money to outsource the work and thought I could have an employee handle it but it was taking a lot of my time to make sure she was doing things correctly.

About a year and a half ago, I started working with Paula and Lacey. They were able to completely transform how my bookkeeping was handled. They took on not only the bookkeeping but also some of the forward-looking financial projections for my business. By having these financial reports and projections, it has allowed me to make decisions about my business from a place of empowerment knowing that the numbers are there to back my decisions.

In October, 2022, my firm had the highest grossing month ever and has seen a 33% increase in gross profit this year over last year. Not only have their services more than paid for itself, they care about their clients succeeding and they provide advice along the way. They are more than bookkeeping…they are truly advisors that every business owner needs.”
Rose C.

Lawyer + Biz Owner

Meet the Team

This caffeine-powered duo will kick you in the tush (lovingly) and will change your world as you know it.

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