Before starting your business, what kind of hamster wheel were you on?

Many of us felt stuck, working ridiculously hard for something that wasn’t fulfilling. But we’d keep at it, thinking that getting that next promotion or .0000001% pay raise or award would make us feel valued. 💀

It certainly did the F not.

So, we made a decision to find our calling which led us to create our business. And after going through all the highs and [super emotional] lows, we got traction and began growing our empire.

However, that growth came with its own set of challenges, right?

Do you feel like you’ve overcome the hurdles or are you stuck in the trenches, trying to do it all alone?

Join me as we check in with ourselves today.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Like many of you, I followed the path that society called “normal.” You know, you go to college, get a degree, and join the corporate jungle. 🙈

Yeah, it’s nice having job security + consistent paychecks but I always knew something was missing – my happiness.

So in 2012, I started searching for a more gratifying future. And entrepreneurship opened that door for me. It allowed me the chance to be the leader of my own damn journey – to reach that quality of life I’ve always wanted.

Despite the risks (which were, of course, terrifying), and moments of self-doubt, I kept at it. After plenty of oopsies, muck-ups, and tweaks, my business began to flourish. It kept growing and I really found a calling that aligned with my inner self.

Oh, the joys of bottlenecking.

Sounds like something fun you’d do with your husband on the weekends, yeah? I assure you…it’s FAR from that.

When you start having 10k+ months and grow your momentum, YES it’s a euphoric feeling! It means that you’re doing sh*t right, and you’re reaching the people that need you – you’ve finally uncovered a formula that works.

However, the flip side of that?

Being a one-person team becomes insanely hard. You’re wearing all the hats, and doing all the things.

Even after I hired people, I was the bottleneck – making sure everything was done and done correctly. I couldn’t let go of control. And I was overworking myself to the point of exhaustion.

Sounds familiar? Maybe that’s you too – it’s a tough obstacle to overcome. However, after having ENOUGH isolation + burnout, I decided that something had to change.

The biggest lesson in all this (besides letting my team do their job lol) was realizing that the crap that didn’t matter would work its way out of the equation and the things that do matter would be dealt with. Periodt.

Which helped with yet another hat I eventually wore…


If only there was more time in a day.

As a [happy, exhausted, entrepreneur, hustlin’] parent, having a family is a blessing.

My twin boys arrived in 2019, which opened up a completely new life chapter for my husband and me. Ooof – when I think about it, I’m kinda cringing at all the caffeine I have to consume to keep up with them. ⚡

Balancing a family and a business is tough sh*t – you have to reprioritize your to-do list and your kids always come first. Your views on time + money get redefined. No longer can you hustle, hustle, hustle into the wee hours of the morning to get work done. Your schedule requires flexibility and revision. Sometimes you have a meltdown, other times you find yourself staring at the wall. You say comments to your husband that you don’t mean, out of pure exhaustion.

Yikes, maybe I just had you re-check your stash of birth control…

However. Despite the massive adjustments, it’s one of the toughest, most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Especially growing your business AND taking care of the family. But hey, that’s a huge part of being a biz owner – you adapt, grow, overcome, AND go back to killin’ it. 🚀 

Where’s YOUR path leading?

Maybe you’re also a mama who’s trying to figure out a sense of balance in your life. Or maybe you’re juggling to take care of your in-laws while also growing your business.

Or maybe you’re past that 10k/month milestone and you feel like you’re losing control, trying to take care of it all. 🎪

We hear ya.

This is not an easy road and it’s not for everyone. But you? You’re resilient AF and you don’t back down from a challenge.

Maybe all you need is some clean-up work, guidance, and perspective – then you’d feel more aligned + empowered to keep pushing forward. Or maybe you need a team that’ll help you regain control over your future.

Because when the dust settles, I really believe that we can have it all – a thriving empire, wealth abundance, a loving family, a badass team…hell yeah. 🤍

My life is living proof!

That’s how I know it’s true. From making those aligned decisions + accepting the abundance that the universe has provided, I’ve been able to spend quality time with my fam while also building my successful empire. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on my kids growing up. And I get to feel fulfilled by helping business owners reap their own successes as well!

So I’m sitting here today, across from you. Maybe we’re sharing a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine 🍷…

And I’m asking,

Are you happy with where your own path is heading?

As a business owner yourself, maybe you feel like you’re burnt out. Or you’ve lost direction. Or you’re needing a better foundation for your business vision. Or maybe you’ve realized that you can’t do this all by yourself.

Hey, we’ve all been at similar crossroads before.

It all comes down to that next decision of kicking that same can down the road or choosing to create change for you + your future. NOW, not tomorrow.

What kind of change?


  • Putting systems into your business that work efficiently AF. ✨
  • Having the right info to confidently make big decisions that grow your biz. 🧭
  • Transforming your mindset into supporting growth + always thinking big picture. 💡

You don’t have to figure it out alone.

If you need that killer support system to help you grow your profits, and someone to kick you in the tush sometimes…

We’re your squad.

Ask us how you can become a Profit Slaying CEO or pick our brains to see what your business NEEDS to become a thriving, well-oiled machine. 🔥

Because, YES. You do deserve to wildly grow your business so that you can spend more time with the important sh*t in your life. Like with your kids. Or with your goofy S.O. Or with your 15+ cats (hey, we don’t judge).

So, let’s talk! 🤙