Wealth isn’t a dirty word.

And even though you already have a thriving business…


More impact. More growth. And yeah, more profits!

But why is it so difficult to enjoy the financial freedom that comes with expanding your business?!

Instead, you’re too busy taking care of EVERYTHING, to where you’re in the trenches every damn day.

And you’re unable to glow in your zone of genius, where you should be so that you can expand your outreach + transform lives like you WANT.

No more.

Choose to step into your destined role of CEO and take back control over your time.


Start by embracing the power of delegation and letting go of being an operator!

Imagine having more time to be the visionary that you are – think of all you could accomplish without getting distracted by things someone else could do.

AND imagine spending more quality time with your loved ones and your dog that feels neglected on a daily basis.

You deserve to enjoy what you’ve built.

Let us help you do that.

It's your time to slay.

Stop the ‘sleepless night dance’ where your to-do list keeps you from having well-deserved rest.

Become a Profit Slaying CEO and wake up each morning, refreshed, and ready to make those BIG money moves.

The DIY Detox.

You’ve DIY’d your way to success, but now it’s time for a detox from doing it all.

Let go of those operator tasks + watch your capacity for growth soar your wealth!


Profit Clarity Call

Objective: “Do we fit together and can I help you?”

This is where we get to know each other and I figure out what’s been tripping you up. Either you’ll tell me what those obstacles are in your business or I’ll ask the right questions to get us there.

Next, you’ll choose if you wanna get a full understanding of what needs to change, which includes not only processes but also bad habits.

Profit Rescue Plan

Objective: To know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

We’ll run a full diagnostic report on your business, going down to the last detail. All of the cracks, valleys, and major SOS’s will be exposed and you’ll see exactly what’s been working against you.

Next, you’ll decide if you actually wanna make those changes to expand your empire and create a better quality of life for yourself.

Profit Stabilizer

Objective: Clean up, Catch up, Set up.

This is THE most transformative part of the process! Dead weight will be eliminated, you’ll be introduced to more efficient programs, and your books will become squeaky clean.

It’ll feel like an upward climb sometimes, but there’s no way you won’t notice a difference in how your business operates! AND. You’ll see a shift in your mindset and bank account.

“I sincerely and truly don’t know where my business would be (or not be) without Paula and her team.”

“Imagine not washing dishes, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets or vacuuming your home for 3 years. In your mind, you KNEW you should have been cleaning, washing dishes, and doing laundry, but the longer you put it off, the more work you knew it would take to get it cleaned up.

This was exactly the condition of my “books” (I use this term loosely) when I was lucky enough to come across Paula and her team. She has guided me through the long process of getting my company’s books in order. There has never been a single time I have called her that she has not taken the time to answer my questions or explain things to me.

If you are a small business struggling to keep control of your financials or maybe you think you’ve just ignored it too long and have given up, you need to give her a call. I cannot recommend Symmetrical Solutions enough.”

Andy W.

Construction Biz Owner